Félicia Atkinson

Born in 1981 in Paris, Félicia Atkinson is a visual and sourd artist. 
She lives and works between Paris and Brussels, and co-runs the Shelter Press imprint. She also teaches art at ESAA Ecole d’Arts d’Annecy


2008 MASTER OF FINE ARTS WITH HONORS – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris
2004 BOCAL, experimental one year dance project directed by Boris Charmatz

Solo Shows

2012 ON RED PANDAS, kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zurich (CH)
2012 TABu, Tokonoma Apartment, kassel (DE)
2012 SAuNA FAuNA, Mustarinda, Hyrysalmi (FI)
2012 JE SuIS LE PETIT CHEVALIER, Le Bon Accueil Contemporary Art Center, Rennes (FR)
2011 THE GOLDEN AGE, Golden Age Gallery, Chicago (uSA)
2009 GHOST TROPIC, Elaine Levy Projects, Brussels (BE)
2006 LO LICHEN, Yukiko kawase Gallery, Paris (FR)

Two Artists Shows

2013 FELICIA ATKINSON / RYAN FOERSTER, Printemps de Septembre, Lieux Communs, Toulouse (FR)
2011 I’M HAPPY AND I’M SINGING, with Daniel Bruttig, curated by Michael Green, Comfort Station, Chicago (USA)
2010 ARCHIVAL REVIVAL, with Bartolomé Sanson, Synchronicity Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2009 AA, with Harold Ancart, curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz, Private Space, Brussels (BE)
2008 ATKINSON / CORSILLO, with Liza Corsillo, Atelier Anette Messager, Ensba, Paris (FR)

Group Shows

2013 kOPIOITU, Group Show, komplot, Brussels (BE) (August-Sept 2013)
2013 kOPIOITU, Group Show, SIC space, Helsinki (Fl) (August-Sept 2013)
2013 BLACK VASES, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2013 THE FRIDGE, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2013 RADIO ARTHUR, Basel Kunsthalle, Basel, Swizerland (CH)
2012 NOEL, Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris (FR)
2012 BY WORD OF MOUTH, galerie SZ, Zurich (CH)
2012 EDITOINEN, Tokonoma Apartment, Kassel (DE)
2011 FENETRE AUGMENTEE, Centre Pompidou Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris (FR)
2011 ENDLESS GRATITUDE, Volume, Copenhagen (DK)
2011 101 DRAWINGS AGAINST VIETNAM WAR, Le Commissariat, Paris (FR)
2011 101 DRAWINGS AGAINST VIETNAM WAR, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2010 RIDERS, Galerie Polard-Hardouin, Paris (FR)
2010 NOTHING POLITICAL, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2010 Y, curated by Sonia Dermience, Ystadt Konstmuseum, Ystadt (SE)
2010 LE SYNDROME DE PETER PAN, Heidi Gallery, Nantes (FR)
2009 STUDIO AND OFFICE, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2009 LE BUREAU DES OURAGANS, Lieu Commun, Toulouse (FR)
2009 VVF, Le Commissariat, Paris (FR)
2009 FABLES ET FRAGMENTS, curated by Regis Durand, Palais des Beaux-arts de Paris, Paris (FR)
2009 FOLLOW THE GUIDE, curated by The Word Magazine, Brussels (FR)
2008 DON’T ASK ME TO DANCE, Mobile institute, Brussels, Belgium (BE)
2008 NEUE PROBLEM, Private Space, Cologne, Germany (DE)
2007 EN TRANCE, curated by Guillaume Paris et Morgane Tschiember, Observatoire de Paris, France (FR)

Residencies / Fellowships / Grants

2012 TOKONOMA, Off Documenta 13, Kassel (DE)
2012 MUSTARINDA, Hyrysalmi, Finland (FI)
2011 HAROLD ARTS RESIDENCY, Chester Hill, Ohio (USA)
2011 ONE MONTH FELLOWSHIP, Institut Francais & French Consulate in Chicago (FR / USA)
2010 VILLA MEDICIS HORS LE MURS, GRANT, Institut Francais (FR / USA)
2010 QO2 RESIDENCY, Brussels (BE)
2009 FESTIVAL ELECTRONIK RESIDENCY, Rennes Metropole, Rennes (FR)
2009 QO2 RESIDENCY, Brussels (BE)
2006 PERFORMING ARTS FORUM RESIDENCY, curated by Jan Ritsema, St Erme, (FR)
2005 BOCAL RESIDENCY, Centre National de la Dance, Pantin (FR)
2005 STRETCHANDRELAX, La Générale, Paris (FR)

Art Fairs

2013 ART BRUSSELS, ING / Young Belgium Painting Award, Brussels (BE)
2013 POPPOSITIONS, Brussels (BE)
2012 DRAWING ROOM, Montepellier (FR)
2010 JUST MAD, Heidi Galerie, Madrid (ES)
2009 SLICK, Elaine Levy Projects, Paris (FR)
2009 SALON DU DESSIN CONTEMPORAIN, Galerie Anne Barrault (FR)
2007 2’13 FESTIVAL, Athens (GR)
2007 2’13 FESTIVAL, London (UK)
2006 DIVA, Galerie Yukiko Kawase, New York (USA)
2006 DIVA, Galerie Yukiko Kawase, Paris (FR)
2006 SLICK, Galerie Yukiko Kawase, Paris (FR)

Solo Printed Matters

2013 MONOGRAPHY, Book, Shelter Press, Brussels (BE)
2012 TWENTIES ARE GONE, Book, Shelter Press, Brussels (BE)
2012 SAUVAGE, Artist Book, Printed Matter / Swill Children (USA)
2011 L’ENFANT SAUVAGE (DOCUMENTS), Artist Book, Aguirre / Shelter Press (BE)
2011 THE GOLDEN AGE, Artist Book, Kaugummi Books, Rennes (FR)
2011 DARK CRYSTAL, Artist Book, Raw Raw Edizioni, Rome (IT)
2011 I WENT THROUGH, Risographed Print, Swill Children, New York (USA)
2011 TEEPEE, Artist Book, Editions Du Livre, Paris (FR)
2010 DEAR VOLCANO, Artist Book, Kaugummi Books, Rennes (FR)
2010 DREAM SEQUENCE, Artist Book, Kaugummi Books, Rennes (FR)
2010 MOUTAIN HIGH, Print, Kaugummi Books, Rennes (FR)
2004 ESTHETIQUE DE LA FRANGE, Artist Book, Self Published, Paris (FR)

Collective Printed Matters

2012 ROUGE GORGE #12, curated by José Maria Gonzalez and Antonio Gallego, Rouge Gorge, Paris (FR)
2011 YEAR #1, Komplot, Brussels (BE)
2011 25 MINI TRIPS EN WAGON LITS, Renaissance du Livre, Brussels (BE)
2011 KAUGUMMI MAGAZINE #7, Rennes (FR)
2011 LIZIERES #1, curated by Ramuncho Matta, Paris (FR)
2010 Y, Komplot (BE / SE)
2010 ROVEN #3, Roven Editions, Paris (FR)
2009 NEUE PROBLEM #3, New Problem, Cologne (DE)
2008 FUSEES #13, Fusées, Paris (FR)
2007 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE #1, curated by Alexandra Baudelot and Christophe Fiat, Paris (FR)

Public Collections

ARTIST’S BOOKS COLLECTION, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (USA)
COLLECTION FMRA, Centre National de l’Estampe et de l’Art Imprimé, Paris (FR)


2010 ATELIER DE CREATION RADIOPHONIQUE, One Hour Radio Creation, France Culture, Radio France (FR)
2010 DISLOCK_3, Music for Dominique T Skoltz video, Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal (CA)
2009 CARTE POSTALE SONORE, One Hour Creation, Rennes Métropole (FR)
2008 LES TROIS CONTENTS, Music for J. Desprairies and A. Pasquier’s movie, MAC – Le Grand Hornu, Mons (BE)

Workshops & Lectures

2012 LECTURE & WORKSHOP, La Cambre, Brussels (BE)
2012 LECTURE & WORKSHOP, Kunst Academy, Vienna (At)
2012 LECTURE, Libros Mutantes, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (SP)
2011 WORKSHOP, ERG School of Design, Brussels (BE)
2011 WORKSHOP, ERG School of Design, Brussels (BE)
2010 LECTURE, Peck School of Arts, Milwaukee (USA)
2010 LECTURE, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago (USA)
2009 LECTURE, The Drawing Incident, Sint Lukas, Gent (BE)
2008 WORKSHOP, Patti Smith Exhibition, Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris (FR)


2013 VISIONS / VOICES, 2xLP, Umor Rex (Mx)
2013 DARK MORSE, CS, Shelter Press (FR)
2013 TAXIDERMY OF UNICORS, split 2xCS, Watervy Stars (USA)
2012 A RIVER, CS, Space Slave Editions (USA)
2012 SUMMER EYES, One side LP, Morc Tapes (BE)
2012 A TRANSPARENT COMET, Lathe 7′, Cooper Cult (NZ)
2012 A GUIDE TO THE SUN, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CS, SicSic Tapes (DE)
2012 AN AGE OF WONDER, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Vinyl LP, Shelter Press / La Station Radar (BE / FR)
2012 ON BEING KIND TO HORSES, as Félicia Atkinson, CD, Fluid Audio (UK)
2012 CRYSTAL ARROWS FOR A COSMIC KING, as Félicia Atkinson, CS, Sangoplasmo (PL)
2012 THE OWLS, as Félicia Atkinson, CS, Le Bon Accueil (FR)
2012 VENICE IS FALLING, as Félicia Atkinson, CS, ITDN Group (USA)
2011 BOIS FLOTTE, as Riviere Amur, CS, I Had An Accident (USA)
2011 L’ENFANT SAUVAGE, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Vinyl, Aguirre (BE)
2011 O-RE-GON, as Félicia Atkinson, CD, Home Normal (UK / JP)
2011 DISCOVERING MATHEMATICS 2, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CS, No Kings (USA)
2011 THE DRIVER, as Félicia Atkinson, Vinyl, Hibernate (UK)
2011 PANNACOTTA, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, split CS, Stunned (USA)
2011 A SHELTER IN BOLINAS, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CS, Digitalis (USA)
2011 LES BOIS ROUGES, as Félicia Atkinson, CS, Unread (USA)
2011 DAUGHTERS, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CD, La Station Radar (FR)
2010 ORPHELIN, I’M THE LITTLE KNIGHT, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, split CS, Kaugummi (FR)
2010 GRAVITY’S RAINBOW, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CD, Ruralfaune (FR)
2010 TROPICAL MALADY, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CS, I Had An Accident (USA)
2010 AKHMATOVA, as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, CS, Folkwaste Library (USA)
2010 LAKES AND LOSSES, as Félicia Atkinson, CD, Kaugummi (FR)
2008 LA LA LA, as Félicia Atkinson, CD, Spekk (JP)
2008 ROMAN ANGLAIS, as Félicia Atkinson with Sylvain Chauveau, CD, O’Rosa (UK)
2007 INSTEAD OF BUYING SHOES, as Stretchandrelax, CD, Nowaki (FR)

Music Shows

2013 Mar 25, ANCIENNE BELGIQUE, w/ Mirroring, Brussels (BE)
2013 Feb 03, ATELIER CLAUS, w/ Xiu Xiu, Ateliers Claus, Brussels (BE)
2013 Jan 24, WORM, w/ Floris Vanhoof, International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

2012 Dec 05, MO.E, w/ Grouper, Vienna (AT)
2012 Dec 04, ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Vienna (AT)
2012 Nov 29, MSK – Museum of Fine Art, Museau Nacht, Gent (BE)
2012 Nov 04, GALERIE S/Z, Zurich (CH)
2012 Oct 29, WIELS, Shelter Press night, Brussels (BE)
2012 Oct 23, CHALET SOCIETY, Museum of Everything, Paris (FR)
2012 Oct 21, GALERIE DES BAINS DOUCHES, Festival Chuuuut, Marseille (FR)
2012 Oct 13, ESPACE B, festival lady fest, Paris (FR)
2012 Sep 29, CNEAI, Festival Island, Chatou (FR)
2012 Sep 13, HUGUENAUT HOUSE, documenta 13, Kassel, (DE)
2012 Sep 07, TOKONOMA APARTMENT, Kassel, (DE)
2012 Jul 16, PLACE DE LA MONNAIE, heure d’été fest, Brussels (BE)
2012 Jun 29, PALAIS DE TOKYO, la triennale, Paris (FR)
2012 Jun 23, ABILENE GALLERY, Félicia Atkinson’s analogic archive, Brussels (BE)
2012 May 26, VILLETTE SONIQUE, showcase, Paris (FR)
2012 Apr 20, LA CASA ENCENDIDA, Madrid (SP)
2012 Mar 03, LE BON ACCUEIL, Félicia Atkinson’s show ending party, Rennes (FR)
2012 Feb 17, SCHELD’APEN, w/ Robbie Basho, Glenn Jones, Antwerp (BE)
2012 Jan 08, THE OCCI, w/ High Wolf, Ensemble Economique, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 Jan 07, OLYMPIC CAFE, w/ High Wolf, Ensemble Economique, Paris (FR)

2011 Nov 26, ESPACE B, w/ High Wolf, Chicaloyoh, Cankun, Holy Strays, Paris (FR)
2001 Oct 29, HOUSE SHOW, w/ Ralph White, Pacific Games, Liege (BE)
2011 Oct 13, CROXHAPOX, w/ Wouter Van Veldhoven, Ghent, (BE)
2011 Sep 17, BLOEMEKESFEST II, w/ Nadja, Antwerp (BE)
2011 Jul 24, COMFORT STATION, w/ Mike Weis, Scott Tuma, Matt Clark, Chicago (USA)
2011 Jun 25, ATELIER CLAUS, w/ Tochtgzt, Peter M Friess, Brussels (BE)
2011 Mar 21, HOUSE SHOW, w/ Reveille, Brussels (BE)
2011 Mar 20, FESTIVAL RESONANCE, w/ Mauro A Pawlowski, Mons (BE)
2011 Mar 18, ERG ECOLE DE RECHERCHE GRAPHIQUE, w/ Johnny Superglu, Brussels (BE)
2011 Jan 19, LA BASCULE, w/ Chicaloyoh, Marsh Cavern, Rennes (FR)

2010 Sep 09, L’AMICALE, w/ DJ Youri Margarine, Brussels (BE)
2010 Jul 09, FAMILY BOOKSTORE, w/ Randy Randall, Los Angeles (USA)
2010 Mar 27, MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS, w/ White Light, Chicago (USA)
2010 Mar 25, QO2, w/ Anette Krebs, Brussels (BE)
2010 Fev 28, LES DISQUAIRES, w/ Silencio, Yellow6, Paris (FR)
2010 Jan 13, HEIDI GALLERY, w/ Le Ton Mité, Nantes (FR)

2009 Nov 07, ELAINE LEVY PROJECT, w/ Paul Labrecque, Brussels (BE)
2009 Oct 24, HEADPHONE SESSION, w/ Aymeric de Tapol, Mondkopf, Bertuf, Rennes (FR)
2009 Oct 23, HEADPHONE SESSION, w/ Aymeric de Tapol, Poborsk, Mha & Iroskin, Rennes (FR)
2009 Oct 02, FLACC / KOMPLOT, Brussels (BE)
2009 Jul 24, LE PLACARD, w/ Sister Iodine, Etienne Jaumet, Section Amour, Paris (FR)
2009 Jun 21, LES ATELIERS CLAUS, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Tujiko Noriko, Brussels (BE)
2009 May 10, LES INSTANTS CHAVIRES, w/ Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Paris (FR)
2009 Mar 17, POCCO A POCCO, w/ Sawako, Robbie Lee, Monkeytown, New York (USA)
2009 Jan 23, MUSEUM KUNSTPALAST, w/ Hauschka, Dusseldorf (DE)

2008 Oct 16, SHIBUYA O-NEST, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Tokyo (JP)
2008 Oct 13, CAFE SAMPLE, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Nara (JP)
2008 Oct 11, LUSH LIFE, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Hiroshima (JP)
2008 Sep 22, OUI ART CENTER, w/ Gogooo, Grenoble (FR)
2008 Jun 18, PALAC AKROPOLIS, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Prague (CZ)

2007 Nov 20, LA JAVA, W/ Sylvain Chauveau, Library Tapes, Paris (FR)
2007 May 24, THE HIDEOUT, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, Chicago (USA)
2007 Mar 07, THE EMPTY BOTTLE, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, David Daniel, Fessenden, Chicago (USA)

2006 Nov 25, HOLLY TRINITY CHURCH, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, McWatt, Leeds (UK)
2006 Nov 24, HORNCASTLE, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, The Cuckoos, Hull (UK)

2005 Apr 12, TRIANON, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Paris (FR)

2004 Nov 26, WNYC RADIO SHOW, Spinning on air, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, New York (USA)
2004 Nov 20, L’ARLEQUIN, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Below The Sea, Quebec (CA)
2004 Nov 19, LA SALA ROSA, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Below The Sea, Montreal (CA)
2004 Nov 17, AS220, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Below The Sea, Lucky Dragons, Providence (USA)
2004 Nov 16, KNITTING FACTORY, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Below The Sea, New York (USA)
2004 Nov 14, FLASHPOINT, w/ Sylvain Chauveau, Below The Sea, Washington DC (USA)


2010 ATKINSON & KUNZ, with Drew Kunz, Pilot Books, Seattle (USA)
2010 ATKINSON & KUNZ, with Drew Kunz, Spare Room, Portland (USA)
2009 DRAWING A LA LA LA, with Misaki Kawai and Liza Corsillo, Super Core, New York (USA)
2008 DANCE ON CAMERA, with Elise Ladoué, Michel Journiac Gallery, Paris (FR)
2007 ROMAN ANGLAIS, with Sylvain Chauveau, Le Plateau Frac Ile de France, Paris (FR)
2006 PERFORMANCE, atelier Guillaume Paris, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)
2006 STRETCH & RELAX, with Elise Ladoué, Yukiko Kawase Gallery, Paris (FR)
2005 MAGNETIQUE, with David Miguel, CCC, Tours (FR)
2004 J’EN REVE, Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, Paris (FR)
2003 FRIGIDE PERFORMANCE with David Miguel, curated by Joseph Marzolla, Public Gallery, Paris (FR)